Our notion of quality begins with the our Customers’ needs, whether they are professionals or “DIY” users. These requirements are communicated to the Company through the MA-FRA sales network, then to the Research and Development department, transferred to our production lines and, finally, usable solutions are returned to the Customer.

In order for quality to become a vital added value, everyone who is part of the production process, such as those who offer or benefit from the service or product, has to put it into practise and recognise it.
For the end user, the ISO quality certification is proof, a guarantee of reliability and adherence to regulations in the product purchased, that are the basis of any success built over time.

MA-FRA has put its own Company Quality System into effect to achieve the following objectives:  
- improve the company organisation and interfunctionality; 
- reduce the non-quality costs and improve productivity by decreasing waste and the number of modifications; 
- satisfy the ever increasing Customer demand to provide documentation on quality.

MA-FRA is among the founding Members of Federlavaggi that aims, as one of its primary and fixed objectives, to continue and execute professionalism in the plants: the quality therefore becomes an obligatory and fundamental passage to transmit to the end Customer. This renders quality an obligatory and fundamental factor to transmit to the end Customer.
Any “self-service” Customer of ours will always have the peace of mind that comes with using the best the market has to offer. The Hobby line products were created as a branch of the Professional line. The formulations are the same, the quality is identical and the highly advanced user-friendly and safety aspects ensure the very best performance.

Best Factory Award
Since 1999 MA-FRA has taken part in the Best Factory Award carried our simultaneously by L. Bocconi University of Business and Economics, Cranfield School of Management and Export Akademie Baden-W.